Pipe Grooving Master

Innovative Technology-leading Roll Groovers Manufacturer

Discover Gruvmaster's cutting-edge pipe fabrication solutions:From Roll Grooving to Pipe Cutting, Groove Cutting, and Hole Cutting, our machines offer precision, efficiency, and safety for diverse pipe work needs.

Gruvmaster manufactures roll groover machines, ranging from 1-inch to 24-inch, which are used to facilitate the connection of pipes using mechanical couplings or fittings, allowing for quick and secure joining.

Gruvmaster electric hydraulic pipe cutting machines has enhenced hydraulic system to perform straight, no-burr cut on 1"~20" SCH10-SCH40 pipes.  steel blade or SS blade provides outstanding service time and high work effeciency. No spark cutting eliminate fire accidence.

Gruvmaster groove cutting machine suitable for the thick- walled pipes,adjust the depth and position of the tool as needed to achieve the desired cutting effect. Slotting machines typically have characteristics of high precision, efficiency, and stability, allowing for quick and accurate completion of cutting tasks.

Gruvmaster Electric hole cut machines proforms 19mm to 114mm hole cut on 2"~8" pipes by easy operation. High quality dual-metal M42 hole saw has long service time, KM-2X can drill thick wall pipe with powerful induction motor; KM-3X can drill two opposite hole at once, ideal for Mechanical Cross installation. 

Pipe Grooving Master


With 20+ years of experience, we understand our customers' needs. We develop, produce, and market pipe tools and machines for plumbers. Our comprehensive range of pipe tools is used in construction sites, refrigeration, gas, water, environmental technology, and maintenance tasks. Our roll grooving machine, co-branded as "Gruvmaster" and "Welping," is highly popular and recognized by customers.More

New Equipment for Roll Groovers and Cutting Machines

Discover our top-selling roll grooving machine, crafted with cutting-edge technology for precision and efficiency in grooving operations. Whether for pipeline installations or maintenance tasks, it meets your needs with unparalleled performance. Elevate productivity—choose our roll grooving machine!

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