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Pipe Jacks and Stands

Rugged and versatile pipe jack stand with heavy-duty V-head, designed for stability and mobility in demanding industrial applications.

Support size:

1 inch—24 inch

Pipe material:

Garbon steel pipe, Stainless steel pipe, Galvized steel pipe, Black steel pipe

Advantages of the Pipe Jacks and Stands

Gruvmaster Team

We have over 20 years of design and production experience.In addition,the Sales teams have over 18 years experience in the pipeline tools international sales.

Professional Pump and Gear Design

Gruvmaster team make the unique integrated hydraulic feeding pump with full closed design.Equipped with a high-performance,low-noise gear reduction motor.

After Services 18 months Warranty

Gruvmaster offers 18 months product warranty service.We also have face book ,youtube channel to help customers understand and learn about our pipe cutting machines .

OEM And ODM Services

We have professional engineer and designers to help clients with exterior and product branding design, catering to the needs of different distributors.

Strong toughness & wear resistance cutting blades

Hi-Quality steel cutter with Special process  can cut all kind of material without spark.

After Services 18 months Warranty

Gruvmaster offers 18 months product warranty service.We also have face book ,youtube channel to help customers understand and learn about our pipe cutting machines .

Hot Sale Grooving And Cutting Machine Parameters

Hydraulic Roll Groover

The unique combination of the hydraulic feed pump guarantees premium groove and optimal efficiency.

Max wall thickness:
Combination Roll Groover

Chuck into 300 threading machine power drive or horizontal threader,quick and easy swap shafts in 30 seconds

Max wall thickness:

Can work manually or with power drive

Pipe cutting Machine

CM-20 is colde extruding steel pipe cutter with turing blade,without spark.no ignition.Ideal for High-risk working envir

Max wall thickness:
Pipe Cut Groove Machine

Suitable for various pipe outer diameters and wall thicknesses, equipped with built-in motor, power cord, manual pump, manual feed, capable of independently completing grooving work.

Max wall thickness:

Pipe Jacks and Stands Video

Pipe Jacks and Stands Video

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What Do Our Clients Say

Daniel From Australia

Great job and will be ordering from Gruvmaster again. This 8 inch pipe cutting machine can properly cold squeeze the stainless steel pipes. They have special blades for cutting stainless steel pipes. That’s what we want.

Thank you for your outstanding service and friendly communication!

Adejumobi from Canada

highly recommend. It’s a high-performance big size machine but easy transportation with wheels. everything was perfect and the service was excellent. the shipping from china to Canada was very fast.

Alexander from Russia

Качественный товар. Быстрая отгрузка. Оперативные ответы поставщика. Адекватная цена.

How To Choose The Right Pipe Jacks and Stands?

When it comes to industrial applications, the quality and reliability of the tools you use are paramount. Our pipe jack stand offers numerous advantages that make it a superior choice for professionals in the field. Additionally, selecting the right manufacturer is crucial to ensure you receive a product that meets your needs and standards. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of our pipe jack stand and some key considerations for choosing a reputable manufacturer.
Application Requirements: First, consider your application needs, including the type of material to be cut, the range of pipe diameters, and the cutting length. Different cutting machines are suitable for different pipe diameters.
Cutting Capacity: Ensure that the selected cutting machine has sufficient cutting capacity to meet your job requirements. This includes cutting depth, cutting speed, and cutting accuracy.
3.Features: Consider the features of the cutting machine, such as ease of tool replacement, cutting stability, and accuracy control. Choose the feature configuration that suits your workflow.
Quality and Durability: Choose a cutting machine that is reliable in quality, sturdy in structure, and durable, to ensure long-term stable use and reduce maintenance costs.
Safety and Ease of Operation: Pay attention to the safety design and ease of operation of the cutting machine to ensure the safety of operators and work efficiency.
By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a reliable manufacturer that will provide a high-quality pipe jack stand tailored to your needs. Our pipe jack stands are designed with durability, stability, and versatility in mind, making them an excellent choice for professionals seeking reliable and efficient solutions for their industrial applications.

Pipe Jacks and Stands Services

Complete pipeline docking system supply chain

Pre-sales Service

  • 24 hours online, personalized one-on-one service
  • Engineers provide engineering budget proposals
  • Support Distribution, OEM, ODM

Enforcing Contracts

  • Standardized service process
  • Professional product inspection before leaving the factory
  • Provide order tracking and logistics tracking

After-sales Service

  • 1-year warranty; parts supply
  • Provide installation, maintenance, and repair videos
  • Offer online training

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