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Roll Groovers

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Roll Groovers

Roll grooving is commonly used in specialized installations like sprinkler systems, large heating systems, and drainage pipe systems. Gruvmaster manufactures roll groover machines, ranging from 1-inch to 24-inch, which are used to facilitate the connection of pipes using mechanical couplings or fittings, allowing for quick and secure joining.

Support size:

1 inch—24 inch

Pipe material:

Garbon steel pipe, Stainless steel pipe, Galvized steel pipe, Black steel pipe

Roll Groovers Grouping

Electric Hydraulic Grooving Machine
Electric Hydraulic Grooving Machine

Electric motor-driven, ideal for heavy projects and thick materials, fast, stable, and efficient.

Manual Hydraulic Grooving Machine
Manual Hydraulic Grooving Machine

Hydraulic-powered for diverse materials and medium projects, efficient, flexible, reliable, low cost.

Manual Grooving Machine
Manual Grooving Machine

Manual operation for small projects and light materials, lightweight, easy to transport, versatile.

Advantages of the Roll Groovers

Expert Craftsmanship

With over 20 years of design and production experience, our team ensures precision engineering. Combined with 18+ years of sales expertise, we understand your needs inside out.

Unique Design

Our roll grooving machines feature an exclusive independent oil pump, extending lifespan and preventing dust accumulation - a design unmatched by competitors.

Global Trust

Trusted worldwide, our quality products have earned acclaim from customers in the USA, South Korea, Spain, Brazil, and beyond.

Efficient Production

With a monthly capacity of up to 800 sets, we meet demand promptly, backed by ample inventory for seamless supply.

Extended Warranty

Enjoy 18 months of worry-free operation with our comprehensive product warranty, including free replacement parts for non-wearable components.

Accessible Support

Gain access to operation manuals, instructional videos, and more, ensuring smooth operations anytime, anywhere.

Roll Grooving Machines Product Selection

Gruvmaster model codeRG-1MRG-2MRG-H1XRG-H2XRG-1XRG-1CRG-1ARG-2XRG-25RG-3RG-4XRG-5XRG-5ARG-6X
Photo ref.5
Pipe rangeDN25 ~ 30025 ~ 15050 ~ 20050 ~ 30025 ~ 20025 ~ 20025 ~ 20050 ~ 30025 ~ 30050 ~ 200200 ~ 60025 ~ 30025 ~ 30050 ~ 400
inch1" ~ 12"1" ~ 6"2" ~ 8"2" ~ 12"1" ~ 8"1" ~ 8"1" ~ 8"2" ~ 12"1" ~ 12"2" ~ 8"8" ~ 24"1" ~ 12"1" ~ 12"2" ~ 16"
pipe wallinch5/16"1/4"1/4"3/8"5/16"5/16"5/16"3/8"3/8"1/4"1/2"5/16"5/16"3/8"
thicknessmax. SCH1"~8" SCH40
10"~12" SCH30
1"~4" SCH40
5"~6" SCH10
2"~4" SCH40
5"~8" SCH10
2"~12" SCH401"~8" SCH401"~8" SCH401"~8" SCH402"~12" SCH401"~12" SCH402"~4" SCH40
5"~8" SCH10
8"~16" SCH40
18"~22" SCH30
24" SCH20
1"~8" SCH40
10"~12" SCH30
1"~8" SCH40
10"~12" SCH30
2"~12" SCH40
14"~16" SCH30/STD
Elct. Motor( Y / N )××××
Motor PowerSingle ph.////80080080011001100800NO110011001100
(watts)Three ph.////7007007007507507002200750750750
Hdy. Feecing( Y / N )××
Anti flare *( Y / N )××××××××××
Packing / move modecarton / tool boxcarton / tool boxcartoncrate4-legstrollycross legs4-legs4-legs4-legs4-legs4-legstrolly w/air cyldr.4-legs
Recommended Applicationssmall contractor,
small fab-shop,
maintenance of industrial pipeline
maitenance of sprinkler pipelinesmall contractor,
small fab-shop
midium and large fab shopssmall pipes, small projects w/ low wall thickness pipessmall pipes, small projects w/ low wall thickness pipessmall pipes, small projects w/ low wall thickness pipeshigh raise buidings, medium and large projects, massive grooving jobshigh raise buidings, medium and large projects, massive grooving jobsfor low end market price competition onlyindustrial pipeline roll groovingfor small contractor universal design, for low and medium thickness pipefor small contractor one man operation, for low and medium thickness pipehigh raise buidings, medium and large projects, massive grooving jobs, pipe support w/hydraulic unit
Note *: only possible with SCH10 anti-flare roller set, opetional

Roll Grooving Machines Video

Roll Grooving Machines Video

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What Do Our Clients Say


RG-4X Heavy Duty groove roller is just perfect for us. This is a pretty good large size pipe grooving machine. It can groove up to 24 inches steel pipes. Also this pipe groover with a powerful 2200W motor that ensures it can achieve a final groove thickness of 13mm, which is very powerful. The grooved pipes are of high precision. It fully meets the industrial requirements. We are very pleased with its performance and would not hesitate to recommend it.


construction corps from Brazil: Excellent! people are enjoying. the best part is about the hydraulic pump, is very strong. i didn't have any problem ^_^

User from UAE

Gruvmaster distributor from Dubai:  the roll grooving machine that i got with you, i really liked, its very clever design

How To Choose A Proper Roll Groover?

The grooving machine operates on the principle of hard extrusion. A roll grooving machine, serving as a specialized tool, is utilized to create grooves on different metal pipe ends. The motor-driven rotating down roller spins the pipe, while the upper roller descends and applies pressure to the pipe by manipulating the pump handle, ultimately forming the groove. The hydraulic roll grooving machines are known for its compact design and ease of use. With its excellent performance and ability to avoid damaging the pipe coating. We supply a range of pipe groovers to meet different markets and ensure every project successfully completed with the proper size roll grooving machine. So. how to choose a proper roll groover?
Pipe Characteristics: When you choose a roll grooving machine, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the pipe properties such as pipe material, diameter, wall thickness, length, hardness, etc., and also consider other requirements for grooving.
Considering the Working Size and Motor Power of Electric Hydraulic Roll Groovers: It is essential to thoroughly understand the technical parameters of each machine. This includes factors such as grooving capacity, wall thickness, voltage, power, and speed, as well as any auxiliary parts and functions. By carefully assessing these specifications in relation to the characteristics of the pipes being worked with, one can confidently select the most suitable electric hydraulic roll groover for the job.
Processing Capabilities and Specialty Tubes: Focus on the groove rolling machine's processing capabilities, including its suitability for different materials. This is because some grooving machines may be better suited to processing specific types of metal, while a machine that can handle a wide range of materials may be needed, such as a grooving machine that can be used for Anti-flare and stainless steel pipes.
Degree of Automation: The degree of automation is an important factor, especially for high-volume production. If the number of pipes to be grooved is large, it is recommended to choose a fully automated pipe grooving machine. Attention needs to be paid to whether the roll grooving machine has automation features, such as a numerical control (CNC) system, in order to increase productivity and reduce the operator's workload.
Energy Consumption and Environmental performance: Considering the energy costs and environmental requirements, we are concerned about the level of energy consumption of the grooving machine and its compliance with the relevant environmental standards.
In addition, we offer customized services. If necessary, you can negotiate with us to produce equipment on demand. The effectiveness of the roll grooving machine differs depending on the specific model, hence it is important to select carefully. As a reputable pipe tools manufacturer, we provide a wide range of models including roll grooving machines, pipe cutting machines, hole cutting machines, pipe threading machines, and grooving production lines for you to choose from. If you have any needs or doubts about pipe tools, welcome to contact us.

Roll Grooving Machine Services

Complete pipeline docking system supply chain

Pre-sales Service

  • 24 hours online, personalized one-on-one service
  • Engineers provide engineering budget proposals
  • Support Distribution, OEM, ODM

Enforcing Contracts

  • Standardized service process
  • Professional product inspection before leaving the factory
  • Provide order tracking and logistics tracking

After-sales Service

  • 1-year warranty; parts supply
  • Provide installation, maintenance, and repair videos
  • Offer online training

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