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How to operate a roll groover machine ?

How to operate a roll groover machine ?

Update Time:2024/5/29

Operating our roll groover machine is straightforward. 

Firstly, ensure the device is connected to the power source and in a secure state. Then, initiate the main power and the machine's power on the control panel. On the control panel, operators can set appropriate grooving parameters such as groove depth and spacing based on the type and specifications of the metal pipes. 

When loading metal pipes, place them in the feeding area, ensure accurate positioning with the positioning device, and activate the automatic feeding function. 

In manual mode, operators can use control buttons to incrementally control the movement of the roll groover machine.

To ensure safe operation, wear necessary personal protective equipment, avoid manual intervention during machine operation, perform regular maintenance and cleaning, and promptly contact the technical support team in case of malfunctions. 

This brief overview aims to assist operators in correctly using the roll groover machine, enhancing production efficiency.